Nathalie Clement, born in 1964, is an enthusiast of creations for a long time. Under the influence of his father, artist-painter, who opens her the spirit to the art under all its forms, and of her art teacher, Alessandro Montalbano, become a famous  painter-sculptor, she tames the various techniques (painting, drawing, mosaic).

Arrived in Clisson in 1998, city of archetypal art, it's in the workshop of a potter, ten years later, that she meets the clay and that her passion comes.

She learns the bases of the pottery but the sculpture offers to her quickly and its theme of preference becomes the feminine body. She underlines it by round and generous forms, always in an harmonious spirit, looking for the main part more in her felt than in a reality which she refuses to copy.


Also  she creates "medallions": sculptures that she describes as being paintings, abstract or representational work, to impicture the nature and its strength. Since few months, she creates women that she call "Les Pépettes . com". That's mean sympathic and poetic girls.


When her hands meet this clay, the poetic transfer of its imagination, absolute base of her work, comes true. She likes playing with the material, the forms, the volume, the shine, the contrasts, the colors in this artistic expression of "touch".
She opens her " TERRES NATHALES " workshop to St Hilaire de Clisson in Loire-Atlantique (FR) in October, 2009 but her sculptor's activity becomes main on January 1st, 2013.